What is an In Ground burial?

In-ground burials have been a traditional choice for burials following death. This method of burial is also the most common option for those that want an outdoor memorial and would like a place for loved ones to come and reflect. It is also a good option for those that would like to be memorialized next to their loved ones. Princeton Memorial Park offers those throughout New Jersey several beautiful and peaceful grave sections that serve as final resting places for loved ones, where families can visit to remember and honor those they have lost.

To prepare for in-ground burial, the intact remains are preserved and placed into a casket. A hole is dug in the location where the burial vault and casket are to be buried. Traditionally, a funeral will take place and the casket is gently placed into the vault and covered with dirt. In the following weeks, the area is landscaped and a memorial is placed to mark where the remains are located. Our grounds at Princeton Memorial Park are kept in pristine condition 365 days a year, so each family has a beautiful place in New Jersey to visit and remember their loved one.

Pre-Planning An In-Ground Burial In New Jersey

Many people spend their whole lives planning for the future, yet fail to plan for something that every single person will eventually experience: death. While it may not be something we all want to think about, especially when death may be far away, pre-planning is the only way to guarantee that your exact wishes are honored. Pre-planning your arrangements in NJ with Princeton Memorial Park makes this process even easier. Pre-planning includes specifying what kind of burial you would like, where you would like to be buried, and how you will be memorialized. Pre-planning a funeral takes stress off of loved ones at the time of death, allowing them to focus on memorializing the deceased rather than making last-minute arrangements.

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