What is an above ground burial?

Above-ground burial allows those in New Jersey to put loved ones to rest in a beautiful and peaceful environment, as well as having a place to visit to honor and remember those they have lost. At Princeton Memorial Park, we have elegant mausoleums and additional options for above-ground burials. Our mausoleums are designed specifically for either cremated or intact remains above the ground, and we provide additional spaces for more than one family member to be put to rest together.

Above-ground burials are often more cost-effective than a traditional in-ground burial, as families are able to avoid many of the costs associated with in-ground burials. During an above-ground burial, cremated or intact remains are entombed in one of our peaceful mausoleums, either individually or side-by-side. Princeton Memorial Parks’ above-ground burial options include community mausoleums and private mausoleums. Family members and friends can then visit the mausoleum to pay their respects to their loved one. Along with our burial grounds, our mausoleums in New Jersey are kept in pristine condition 365 days a year.

Pre-Planning An Above-Ground Burial In New Jersey

No matter what type of burial you are considering for the future, pre-planning your arrangements will take the burden off of your family when the time comes. No one likes to think about death, but it is inevitable, and when you pre-plan your funeral and choose your burial arrangements ahead of time, you can be sure that your exact wishes will be honored. Pre-planning also brings peace of mind in the sense that you will know that your family will not have to make difficult decisions in the future, when they are already dealing with a loss. When you pre-plan your arrangements with Princeton Memorial Park, you can specify what type of burial you would like, where you would like to be buried, and how you will be memorialized in that location, which saves costs and provides immense peace of mind.

When it comes to planning a funeral, one of the options people often ask about is an above ground burial. But what is it? Above ground burial, also known as entombment, is a type of funeral where the deceased person's body is buried in a tomb or mausoleum.

Ground burial is a popular choice for those who want to bury their loved ones. However, there are other options available, such as above ground burial. Above ground burial is becoming more popular, as it offers some unique benefits that ground burial does not. If you are considering an above ground burial for your loved one, here are some of the things you should know about this option.

Above ground burial is an increasingly popular choice for those seeking final arrangements. This type of burial takes place above ground in a mausoleum, family estate or other designated location. There are many reasons why people choose this option, including wanting to be closer to their loved ones, avoiding the traditional funeral process, and preserving the environment. If you're considering an above ground burial for yourself or a loved one.

How much do above ground burial vaults cost?

The cost of an above ground burial vault can vary depending on the features and add-ons. For example, in some areas you could pay between $1,000 to 10 thousand dollars for a basic container with no additional customization options such as gravesite acquisition fees or headstones.

Why do people choose above ground burial?

If you're considering an above ground burial for yourself or a loved one, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, above ground burials can be less expensive than traditional burials, so it's important to factor that into your decision-making process. Additionally, not all cemeteries offer above ground burial options, so you'll need to do your research ahead of time.

Above ground burials can be a beautiful and meaningful way to say goodbye to a loved one. If you're interested in this type of burial, talk to your funeral director or cemetery representative to learn more about the options available to you.

Can you bury someone above ground?

The answer is yes, but there are some restrictions. Burial in the outdoor sand lot of any cemetery will require that a niche or crypt inside be available for them to rest their head at night. Additionally if visitors want easier access they should look into mausoleums with interiors where most entombments happen today because this type of building provides more privacy than open spaces outside where people may just end up walking around instead on visiting gravesites like before when cemeteries were still run privately by families rather than becoming incorporated municipal entities which means less regulations and oversight overall so keep your loved ones close as we say "bury 'em deep"!

6 Popular Types of Above Ground Burials

There are many different types of above ground burials, so which is right for you? Here are six of the most popular types of above ground burials.

  1. Traditional Burial - above ground burial where the body is buried in a casket or other container above ground.
  2. Entombment - above ground burial where the remains are placed above ground inside a crypt, mausoleum or other location.
  3. Memorial Mausoleum Burial - above ground burial with the casket placed above ground inside of a mausoleum or other structure. This option allows loved ones to visit and pay their respects at any time of day for years after the person has passed away.
  4. Green Burial - above ground burial without embalming chemicals that are harmful to the environment, which have been linked to cancer. These bodies are typically wrapped in cloth or placed into cremation containers before being placed above ground in a designated area.
  5. Columbarium – above ground burial in which cremated remains are placed above ground typically in decorative buildings or structures that resemble homes
  6. Cremation - above ground burial where the body is cremated and the ashes are placed above ground in a designated area.
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