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When a loved one passes, the sorrow and emotions surrounding the loss are vast. As a part of the end-of-life arrangements, choosing the final resting place will be a natural part of your conversations. What are the benefits of a beautiful, quiet resting place in the cemeteries and mausoleums in Robbinsville, NJ?

First off, selecting a peaceful, serene location brings healing to the surviving family and friends. Just knowing your loved one is in a secure and lovely place brings a measure of calm. Visiting this place on special occasions or just when you need to feel close to your loved one will also support your healing path.

Our grounds at Princeton Memorial Park and Mausoleum are absolutely pristine! The mausoleums are solidly built with elegant details in the architecture. The landscaping is well cared for and thoughtfully designed. The park is open from sunrise to sunset each day of the year. Our dedicated staff works tirelessly to keep the paths open and accessible, even in inclement weather.


The cemetery has become a traditional burial ground in our world. Many people regard these lots as sacred places. As a final resting spot for those who have passed on, it is a place worthy of respect and utmost caretaking. Cemeteries are a frequently chosen solution for the final disposition of remains. In-ground burial is very traditional. Tradition often helps us feel a sense of familiarity and safety.

In-the-ground burial includes the process of having a gravesite opened and lined with some type of burial vault. After the honoring services have concluded, the casket will be lowered into the ground. Then the vault will be secured, and the grave will be closed. After the soil has a chance to resettle, landscaping and gravemarkers can be set over the resting place.

Ground burial is a beautiful option for families who wish to be interred beside each other when the time comes. Often families will purchase groupings of plots to assure availability to do this as needed. Interment in the earth is available for full caskets as well as containerized cremated remains.

Mausoleums are built with security and longevity in mind. Essentially a mausoleum is a building built with the specific purpose of entombing deceased remains. As with ground burial, families can elect to buy spaces near each other for future use. Often these offer a more cost-effective option than in-ground burial since there are less needed supplies and fees for the final placement.

Both the cemetery and the mausoleum are appropriate locations for the final location of cremated remains or ashes. Scattering of ashes is not a service our park accommodates. We strongly encourage above or below ground burial for ashes for a few reasons.

Firstly, it is more secure than scattering ashes. Where you place the remains is where they will stay. Secondly, it is often easier to visit a static spot that has been set aside as a resting place than a general area. In addition, there are specific rules and regulations about where cremains can be dispersed as well. Finding a permanent, accessible place of memorialization is an ideal way to feel close to your departed loved one in the years to come.

Group Rates for Burial Solutions

Many types of organizations and businesses offer discounted group rates for burial sites at Princeton Memorial Park & Mausoleum. These are generally offered as a perk of membership. We’ve worked with many institutions, including certain unions, churches of various faiths, and other corporations and groups. The goal always comes back to our desire to provide affordable and compassionate burial services.

Pre-Arrangement for Future Needs

Preparation brings peaceful outcomes. Death is an eventuality for everyone. Taking a little time now to determine where you would like to be placed for final disposition is a good move. It can ease the burden your surviving family members will feel at your passing. It becomes one less decision they will need to make on your behalf.

Financially locking in a burial space through prepayment now will likely result in a better price point than later. Prices tend to rise over time. Explore your options for cemeteries and mausoleums in Robbinsville, NJ. Give your family and loved ones the gift of your forward-thinking by making these arrangements right away. This is a sound decision, even if you don't expect to need this particular piece of real estate for years to come.

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When choosing cemeteries and mausoleums in Robbinsville, NJ, it is worth taking a little time to consider details. If you have questions or would like to visit with us further, please reach out to Princeton Memorial Park & Mausoleum at 403 Gordon Rd, Robbinsville, NJ 08691. We are available by phone during regular business hours at (732) 820-0211.

Cemetery and Mausoleums FAQs

Do cemeteries ever run out of space?

Cemeteries are impacted by increased population density in both urban and rural areas, so many boroughs are running out of room to bury the dead. Cemetery spaces are a finite resource and as such, are at a premium in some regions. However, they have come up with a solution to recycle old graves that have been untouched for 75 years. Recycling grave is done only after consulting with living family members. Learn more.

What is final arrangement?

Final arrangement is communicating your wishes to your family before you pass away. It is something that will need to be addressed at some point. Many funeral homes offer the option to customize your final arrangement and it is a great choice to have since your family will not be burdened on what to do when the time comes. Learn more.

What do you do at a memorial service?

Memorial service is the gathering of family, relatives, and friends to give everyone the opportunity to share memories, express emotions, and find comforting support. During the service, people may offer prayers, deliver eulogies, read passages from scripture or literature, or sing songs. Learn more.