Beautiful, Idyllic Setting for Cemeteries and Mausoleums in Hamilton Township, NJ

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The time of a beloved friend or family member’s passing is filled with myriad emotions. When making final arrangements for your loved one, it can be important to think about where you will go to honor their memory. This is a place that will forever be part of your life now. When choosing cemeteries and mausoleums in Hamilton Township, NJ, it is vital to select a place you feel good about returning to again and again.

The grounds and facilities at Princeton Memorial Park & Mausoleum are beautifully manicured and kept ready for visitors every day of the year. The mature trees and cherry groves, the carefully chosen shrubbery, and the green lawns foster a peaceful setting. This is a place where memories are shared, and tears are shed. There are times when laughter takes place here as healing beckons. Having a place of permanent memorial becomes a touchstone through the years following this separation.


A cemetery is a burial ground, but it is much more than that to our patrons. A cemetery is a place of love, grief, healing, and even a place of gathering. Our cemetery and mausoleum spaces provide differing options for types of burial.

Our above-ground burial spaces are offered in our elegant mausoleums. There are a few options here, depending on the type of services you have chosen. We can serve above the earth placement to those whose remains are intact or to those who have been cremated. Families can buy a group of spaces to ensure proximity of burial through the years.

These placements are often more cost-effective than in-ground burial options. This is because there are fewer needed services connected to above-ground burial. In-ground burial requires fees to open and close the grave. Additionally, burial vaults or grave liners are generally required to place a casket in the ground.

In-ground burials continue to be the most popular option. Tradition can feel healing and familiar. It is a beautiful choice for those who would like to be buried next to their loved ones. The process of in-ground burial typically takes place after a funeral or graveside service. The casket is placed into the already set burial vault, and the grave is closed. Thereafter, as the grave settles, landscaping and memorial markers can be set to beautify the plot and further honor your loved one.

Cremated remains (often called “cremains”) can also be buried at Princeton Memorial Park and Mausoleum. Cremation niches can allow for above-ground entombment within our mausoleums. In-ground burial plots can also be selected for cremains. Many families are choosing these types of permanent memorialization for their loved ones' ashes.

This ensures they have a place to visit on special dates or when they need to feel close to the departed. It is essential to know that a drawback of scattering the remains in some places will result in less security and overall privacy. Often there is less availability to visit the exact location in the future as well.

Group Programs Offered at Reduced Cost

We work with many types of organizations to offer burial arrangements. We have contracts with unions, businesses, churches of many denominations, and other groups. One benefit these group programs offer is a discounted rate of our above and below-ground spaces. Our sincere hope is to provide compassionate and affordable burial spaces. This allows us to give unique benefits through group pricing and group perk packages to serve more people at a time of loss.

Preplanning for Your Chosen Burial Needs

Like other end-of-life services, it is a good idea to preplan the details of your own burial. Learning what solutions are available can help you get an idea of what you might prefer. Then, once you have made a decision, you can pre-purchase your selection.

This is an immense support to your family and remaining loved ones. They will know what you would have liked because you chose it in the first place. If prepayment has been handled, it provides an additional layer of relief from stressful financial decisions. A time of grief is not usually the easiest time to make clear and informed decisions. Take the time today to study up a bit on cemeteries and mausoleums in Hamilton Township, NJ. Then take the simple steps to make pre-arrangements and tell your next of kin.

Call or Stop by to Schedule a Tour of Our Beautiful Park

Come to the centrally located Princeton Memorial Park & Mausoleum at 403 Gordon Rd, Robbinsville, NJ 08691 to see for yourself. This place stands out amongst the cemeteries and mausoleums in Hamilton Township, NJ. Call (732) 820-0211 to schedule an arrangement conference or tour of our grounds and facilities.

Cemetery and Mausoleums FAQs

How much do cemetery plots cost in New Jersey?

There are many factors to consider but the average cost of cemetery plots in New Jersey can range anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000. However, the cost can go up depending on the city, the location of the plot (some plots are prime location), and if it’s a private or public cemetery. Learn more.

What is an above-ground burial?

Above-ground usually means a Mausoleum. When someone talks about above-ground burial, they are particularly referring to entombment in a mausoleum or inurnment in a columbarium niche. Above-ground burial is often more cost-effective than a traditional in-ground burial, as families can avoid many of the costs associated with traditional burial. Learn more.

What is witness cremation?

A witness cremation or cremation viewing is a service provided by most funeral homes and crematoriums that allows family the option to watch as their loved one is cremated. This service is usually performed for an added cost and there may be limitations on the number of viewers are permitted to attend. Learn more.