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At a time of separation and grief, the emotional toll is high. However, death requires particular decisions to be made no matter our emotional state. One such decision is where you will arrange for your loved one to have a final resting place in cemeteries and mausoleums in Windsor, NJ.

It can bring peace of mind to choose a place that is well cared for. This is also a place for you to visit over the coming days, months, and years. Because of this, it is a good idea to choose a place you can see yourself being comfortable returning to as you work through your grief. Today we hope you will consider choosing Princeton Memorial Park & Mausoleum for all of your burial needs.


Our beautiful, park-like location includes a variety of burial options. This is a place of remembrance and love. It is a place to work with deep anguished feelings. Ultimately, we hope it becomes a place of healing for you and your loved ones.

Our cemetery has broad lawns and is surrounded and interspersed with mature trees and thoughtful plantlife. Seasonally our cherry groves are in beautiful bloom. It is a place unlike any other. The walking paths create tranquil access throughout the area. The cemetery is a traditional burial ground. As such, it provides a sense of familiarity and safety to our patrons and visitors.

In-ground burial is the most common option that is selected in our community. The burial service itself includes the opening and closing of the gravesite and, if required, the casket placement in a burial vault. Families who wish to be buried beside or near one another find in-ground burial a good fit. It is important to note that cremated remains can be buried just like intact remains can.

Choosing burial in a mausoleum is another choice available at our location. This above-ground burial option allows for entombment within a sturdily built and beautifully designed building. Families can select a group of tomb spaces within a mausoleum that can be utilized as they are needed. Many find this avenue a little more cost-effective since some of the needs associated with ground burial are naturally not needed with above-ground burial.

Both cemetery and mausoleum burial options can accommodate cremated remains. Entombing cremated remains (“cremains”) can be very healing for surviving loved ones by creating a place of permanency for memorialization. Even though the idea of scattering remains at a beloved nature-based setting seems romantic, it poses some potential issues.

For example, scattering remains is far less secure than burial. With a burial option, the remains will be in the same place for years to come. Privacy for grieving is also not ensured, especially in a public setting. There are laws and regulations about where scattering ceremonies can take place as well. Some natural locations such as mountains or bodies of water may be difficult for all remaining loved ones to access. Having a site that is accessible to return to when needing the consolation of feeling close becomes very important to the bereaved survivors.

Group Pricing Offered Through Qualifying Institutions

We are pleased to work with many different organizations and businesses to offer discounted pricing for burial selections. We’ve worked with various unions, a wide range of churches, large corporations, and other groups. Typically this is offered through the different groups as a perk of membership within those institutions. Always on our minds is the hope to connect affordable and compassionate burial arrangements with those who need them.

Looking to the Future: Make Your Own Arrangements Now

Though some feel a little squeamish at first thought, making arrangements for the end-of-life needs is actually a really smart decision. Plus, once you start thinking about it, it’s not too bad after all. We generally agree it is good to have conversations around life insurances, last will and testament documents, and other final arrangement discussions. This is not much different.

Making your final wishes known through preselection can really benefit your surviving family and loved ones. It also gives you a chance to consider where you think you would like to be laid to rest. Financially buying now and using later holds the benefit of buffering against inflation-related price increases. Take some time to search out the available cemeteries and mausoleums in Windsor, NJ. Then make those selections and put the information in an accessible place with your final instructions.

Reach Out for an Appointment or Tour

We know you will love our unique and beautiful location that is open every single day of the year. When you are ready to look at the cemeteries and mausoleums in Windsor, NJ, please call or stop by. We are Princeton Memorial Park & Mausoleum located at 403 Gordon Rd, Robbinsville, NJ 08691. Call during business hours at (732) 820-0211.

Cemetery and Mausoleums FAQs

What is perpetual care?

Perpetual care or permanent care means the providing of funds, to be held in perpetual trust. These care funds are collected with each interment space sale and the income of which is to be expended in keeping up forever the necessary care of the individual lots and graves. The funds are also used to maintain the grounds, roads, and buildings of the cemetery. Learn more.

What is the process when someone dies?

When a death occurs, the order in which things need to be done often depends on where the death occurred. However, you will need to get a medical certificate as soon as you can and contact a funeral home. The funeral home will be the one to handle all the paperwork including getting a death certificate. Learn more.

Why should I pre-plan my funeral?

Planning ahead or pre-planning enables you to make financial arrangements to cover your funeral costs. You may consider planning ahead of time using financial planning options like funeral insurance and funeral trusts. This alleviates your family with the burden and stress when your time comes. Learn more.